Season 3 (Spring/Summer)

Episode 2

Steve’s Shear Relief 

Elizabeth Davelaar & Erin Van  Nieuwenhuyzen


Maker's Way Fiber Mill

Sisters Elizabeth Davelaar and Erin Van Nieuwenhuyzen are a knitted pair.  They own and operate Maker's Way Fiber Mill.  Stitching their talents, they produce wool yarn to dye for, naturally.  With Mom weaving on the peg loom, it’s a family affair.  This conversation is a peach.

Episode 1

The Guardian Steer 

Sadie Frey 

Communication Specialist, Agtegra Cooperative

Hot dog! Sadie Frey’s passion is electric. You might say we couldn’t ‘resist-her.’ In her ‘current’ position, Sadie is an ace Communication Specialist for Agtegra Cooperative. Fair warning, she will reawaken science experiment memories. Plus, find out why if not for Reeses, Sadie might have been in pieces.

Season 3


Rebecca & Chris 


Back from break, but did we have fun?  The answer lies within this season’s preview that reaches new heights and may eclipse your expectations.  We hope you enjoy eason-Say ee-Thray!

Season 2 (Fall/Winter)

Episode 10

Wrap up

Rebecca & Chris


Our guest meteorologist aced her Christmas forecast.  Now, our Nation’s foremost weather prognosticator forecasts an early spring.  Whether you’re planting 5 sq. ft. or 500 acres, it’s seed selection time for your 2024 crop.  This season’s guests, with their inspiring career choices, seeded inspirational ideas for all of us.  Like the red, red robin, we’ll soon be bob, bob bobbin’ along with Season Three! 

Episode 9

A Cow Named Snoop

Amy Pravecek

Territory Business Manager, Zoetis

“My pickup is my office.”  Amy Pravecek's position at global animal health company Zoetis comes with a front row seat of the stunning ranchland topography of South Dakota and Wyoming.  On the job, you’ll find her chute side with ranchers and their cattle.  At home, well, she’s raising cattle with her husband.  And, she's active in more ag groups than you can “cow”nt.

Episode 8

The Notorious Bay Horse

Justine Rivard

Senior Ag Lender, Black Hills Federal Credit Union

Q:  When is a loaner a keeper?

A:  When she’s Justine Rivard, Senior Ag Lender at the Black Hills Federal Credit Union. Bank on it.  Her expertise, compassion, and grit shine through in our conversation.  Saddle up and lend an ear.  Also, is chili soup?

Episode 7

Ho, Ho, Ho

Dr. Kristine Lang

Associate Professor & Extension Consumer Horticulture Specialist, Department of Agronomy, Horticulture and Plant Science at SDSU

Happy New Year!  Resolve to start garden planning with sage advice from SDSU horticulturalist Dr. Kristine Lang.  Borage?  Add that to the plan.   If you’re not ready to put the holidays behind, she’s an extension specialist with expert tips on extending your poinsettia’s life.  BTW, those aren’t flowers, they’re bracts.

Won’t be long before it’s time to hoe, hoe, hoe.

Episode 6

Since the Neolithic Age

Dr. Maneesha Mohan

Associate Professor & Alfred Chair in Dairy Manufacturing, Dairy and Food Science Dept. at SDSU

When it comes to dairy scientists, SDSU Associate Professor Dr. Maneesha Mohan is the cream of the crop.  Take her course and you’ll exercise better judgment…of dairy products.  Learn a technique used in dairy and soil judging.  Find out the answer to, “Why is milk white?”  It’s an episode like no udder.

Episode 5

A Wales Tale

Gwen McCausland

Director, South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum

Gwen McCausland’s cemetery walks with her history teacher grandmother were inspirational.  Now, as Director of the SD Agricultural Heritage Museum, Gwen inspires visitors with a passion for the diverse history, culture, and science of agriculture in South Dakota.  ‘Tis the season to visit the museum for great exhibits and seeds of ideas for holiday gifts. 

Episode 4

A Plethora of Peppers

Michelle Grosek

Owner/Operator, Bear Butte Gardens

Michelle Grosek and her husband are organic farmers and owners/operators of the community-oriented Bear Butte Gardens. She’ll have you seeing red – red tomatoes, red potatoes, red kuri squash, and Bourbon Red turkeys!  If red isn’t your color, Michelle has a cornucopia of produce spanning the spectrum for you.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Episode 3

Tulips, Peonies, and Zinnias

Connie Johnson

Owner/Operator, Freedom Acres SD 

Coordinator, Veterans Affairs Resources Center at SDSU

Connie Johnson has a Purple Heart and a heart of gold.  As Coordinator for Veterans Affairs Resources at SDSU and purposeful flower farmer of Freedom Acres SD, she is a guardian angel to veterans and their families.  Deservedly, she has her own Angel.  Join us in saluting Connie and all veterans this Veterans Day week. 

Episode 2


Kelly Serr

Warning Coordination Meteorologist, National Weather Service

Launching weather balloons sure is fun. Ask NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist Kelly Serr. Her forecasts help keep us safe. They’re vital to farmers, firefighters, and trick-or-treaters.  Good news for the latter thanks to  El Niño. When it comes to explaining weather phenomena, Kelly is phenomenal!  

Episode 1

Down Evans Lane

Nicole Krautschun

Owner, Spearfish Valley Produce & Beck's Nursery

Top quality produce and nursery needs? See Nicole Krautschun. Pure fun? Visit her Spearfish Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch. Pick from 40 pumpkin varieties, get lost in the stalks, frolic in 12 tons of corn, and spiral down a windmill. 


Season 2


Rebecca & Chris


Summer break reports and what’s in store for the upcoming, holiday-filled season.  Ring the bell.  Round Two of popping podcast episodes are heading your way. 

Season 1 (Spring/Summer)

Episode 14

Season One

Wrap Up

Rebecca & Chris


Phew!  Season One was a tsunami of tales and insight from a baker’s dozen of talented, gracious South Dakota women.  What an ocean of ag-related opportunities our guests identified and seized.  We are awash in admiration of their inner strength to follow a path to their Best Jobs.  So, give a listen, let’s gather our breath, and we’ll convene in October for Season Two.  Phew! 

Episode 13

There Was

an Incident

Sentel Schreier


You can’t go home again?  You can if you have the mustered confidence of Sentel Schreier aka Mr. Kolenkhov.  Just ask the 2500 Targhees she shepherds.  Remember, “Pressure and release.”  She’s never backed down whether loading bulls or taking on Rosie, the evil Shetland pony.  Belle Fourche is lucky to have Sentel back.  

Episode 12

Anything With


Dr. Beth Thompson

State Veterinarian and Executive Secretary, South Dakota Animal Industry Board

Dr. Beth Thompson wins the trifecta

Best Job: SD State Veterinarian

Best Location: 2 blocks from Zesto

Best Aspiration: Sled dog vet crew

Heads up, this episode is a bit of a scream.

Episode 11

Where the Prairie Meets

the Sky

Amy Mesman

State Plant Health Director, South and North Dakota, USDA's Animal Plant Health Inspection Service

Listen.  Do you want to know a secret?  Grasshoppers, they’re so interesting.  They really are.  Just ask Amy Mesman, USDA’s SD State Plant Health Director.  Thank you to Amy for dedicated service protecting agriculture, grasslands, trees, and all SD flora.  Plus, a nod to the Fab 4-H.

Episode 10



Kelsey Geraets

Feedlot Manager,

JPJ Enterprises, Inc. 

On the job and in the boardroom, Kelsey Geraets earned her seat at the table. Managing JPJ Enterprises’ feedlot is just one of her talents. You won’t doubt her abilities after this meaty conversation. Don’t fill up on the tacos. Save room for the ribeye. Listen in and get on board(s).

Episode 9

The Birds and

the Bats

Silka Kempema

Wildlife Biologist, 

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks 

Naturally, it’s a wild visit with Silka Kempema, South Dakota Game Fish and Parks wildlife biologist.  At one point, she goes overboard.  You otter listen.

Episode 8

The 100th


Laurie Anderson, Ph.D.

Head and Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering

Director, Museum of Geology,

 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 

Explain South Dakota farming and ranch land terrain? Dr. Laurie Anderson has that covered. She’s a gem. And, she’s Head of the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering at South Dakota Mines and Director of the Museum of Geology on campus. Cameos by a triceratops and freshwater dolphins.

Episode 7



Stephanie Bruggeman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology, Augustana University

Dr. Stephanie Bruggeman created and teaches BIOL 216 – Beer, Bread, and Brie: Preserving the Planet. In this Augustana U course, Ag + Microbiology = epicurean delight. Indulge in this episode!

Episode 6

Opportunity Is Dressed

In Overalls

Sarah Waltner

Senior Director of Global Sales, Raven Industries

Sarah Waltner runs to hard problems. An Electrical Engineering degree was her first step in a career that takes her from sugarcane crops in Brazil, to tulips fields in The Netherlands, and delightfully, to South Dakota farmland. Her reflections instill confidence to dream and achieve. And, she answers the age-old question, “How smart is a pig?” 

Episode 5

River Trails &

Horse Tales

Kelsey Scott

Director of Programs,

Intertribal Agriculture Council

Kelsey Scott has her hands full and a full life. Enhancing Indian resources, managing a herd, supplying beef direct to consumers, rebuilding community through food systems, and providing opportunities for youths.  The joys of ranch life. Amen. Mitakuye Oyasin. 

Episode 4



Rachel Frei

Urban Conservationist for South Dakota, USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service

 Aah, the mystery of soil. Who wouldn't fall in love? Oh, and how do you get from Wisconsin to South Dakota? If you follow Rachel Frei's route you'll stop in Rhode Island, Denmark, and Greenland along the way. We should be so adventurous.

Episode 3



Leah Heidler

CPA and Shareholder,

Casey Peterson, LTD

 Taxes don’t tax Leah Heidler.  She likes numbers and providing her expertise to fellow farmers and ranchers. Oh, and she likes herding buffaloes, bow hunting, and milking her cow!  Doesn’t compute?  Have a listen, it all adds up. 

Episode 2

Baby Doll in the Window?!

Abby Bischoff

Executive Director, 

Stockyards Ag Experience 

Climbing steps, flag football, farm-to-table education, community support, royal bloodlines, exquisite photography, leaps of faith, and a strawberry-rhubarb turnover. Press play for The Abby Bischoff Experience.

Episode 1

The Blue Truck Incident

Stacy Hadrick 

Extension Associate, 

South Dakota State University

Time travel, agritourism, a runaway truck, thoughts of fashion, economics, beef, life on the ranch, patience, and a carousel ride.  Rebecca and Chris welcome Stacy Hadrick for an action-packed, half-hour conversation.

Season 1


Rebecca & Chris 


Open the curtain on what to expect from the Best Job in South Dakota podcast.