The Best Job in 

South Dakota

A podcast featuring intriguing 

conversations with laudable 

women in ag and more...

Season 3 (Spring/Summer)

 Is Here!!!

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The Podcast

Rebecca Blue and Chris Church host The Best Job in South Dakota where they explore the important role that women play in agriculture. With a touch of awe and envy, the hosts converse with women who have either 1) found their way to the best job; or 2) performed the best job in their chosen endeavor. Often both! These individuals are making a difference in their communities through agriculture and related fields and demonstrating the important role that women play. 

Each episode highlights the amazing work and achievements of our guest. The podcast aims to inspire and connect women in ag across the state and beyond. 

In addition, the podcast will demonstrate the value of being a good, giving individual that displays leadership as well as the potential in all to “Dream, Plan, Achieve.”

Listen to The Best Job in South Dakota Season 1 Trailer below!

The Hosts

South Dakota Native

South Dakota Explorer

Rebecca Blue

A Huron, South Dakota native, Rebecca's best jobs and endeavors include corn pollinator, meritorious national soil judging contestant, science policy intern, ag and trade legislative assistant, congressional relations legislative director, USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, Argentine lemon fan, and ag import/export consulting business owner. Achievements include recognition as USDA’s unofficial 2010 Women's Push-Up Champion.

Chris Church

Chris Church’s myriad of best jobs includes paperboy, school teacher, NASA physicist, international ag trade specialist, USDA congressional liaison, and, out of necessity, bicycle mechanic. Awards include First Place in his fifth grade Fire Prevention Contest.